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A reputable Los Angeles attorney with an unyielding competitive nature, Louis Shapiro has successfully handled a range of cases for numerous clients over the years in the areas of DUI, drug possession, hit and run, burglary, domestic violence, battery, vandalism, trespassing, perjury, assault, check fraud, weapon possession, and grand theft auto, among others. He also has handled more serious crimes including sexual assault, vehicular manslaughter, kidnapping, child molestation and homicide.

When approached by a potential client, Shapiro is known to conduct a thorough evaluation of the case so he can determine whether to settle it or to apply a creative strategy that will obtain the most desired result. 

Plan of Action:

When taking on a case, Shapiro’s first step is to identify the core issues in the legal matter so he can determine how best address each one. Every situation is different, and Shapiro always delves into the various strengths and weaknesses of a case before going forward with a plan. Through his evaluation, he is able make the client fully aware of the pluses and minuses, and the potential consequences. Considered a crucial step in the evaluation process, Shapiro focuses on the appropriate strategy to meet a client’s objectives. He always discusses, in detail, investigation tactics, percipient witnesses, expert witnesses and relevant motions in order to form an overall case strategy. Always mindful of a client’s goals and objectives, Shapiro seeks to incorporate them as part of his initial case evaluation. As a result, Shapiro has a solid plan in place for every client prior to moving forward in handling the case.

Attorney Accessibility

Los Angeles DUI lawyer Shapiro believes that all clients should be well-informed about his or her case, and he treats each case in a priority fashion. Accessibility is fundamentally important to Shapiro so he makes himself available after hours to alleviate concerns and answer questions from his client(s) and their family members. Shapiro always takes whatever time is necessary to handle every detail. For that reason, Shapiro’s clients often express their appreciation for his diligence.  


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