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Los Angeles DUI lawyer - Louis J. Shapiro

If you have been charged with a crime, then you are probably experiencing feelings of anxiety and stress due to not knowing what to expect and how to deal with your situation. The first step towards taking control of your case is retaining an attorney who is experienced both in the law and in the criminal justice system.

Louis Shapiro has earned a reputation in the legal community for being honest, passionate and fearless.

Particularly in the criminal justice community, having an honest reputation is critical.
In some cases, someone's word is almost all they have and therefore it needs to be trusted. Mr. Shapiro's straightforward approach both with his friends and foes enables him to obtain outstanding results for his clients in a seamless fashion.

Mr. Shapiro will not stop until he has exhausted every defense available to his client. He carries his client's burdens and stress on his shoulders. He constantly communicates with his clients in order to always keep them informed. Mr. Shapiro will consult with all applicable experts and witnesses and review legal resources, in order to be fully prepared for a case. All evidence will be analyzed and questioned. Judges, prosecutors, and jurors respect Mr. Shapiro for his passion in ensuring that his clients' rights are protected.

A criminal defense lawyer's most powerful tool is his ability to take a case to trial. Los Angeles DUI lawyer Mr. Shapiro is a trial lawyer by nature and enjoys every opportunity to take a case to trial. Obviously Mr. Shapiro will advise his client when a trial is in his client's best interests. If a trial is what the case calls for, LA DUI lawyer Mr. Shapiro will without hesitation take the case in that direction.

Contact Los Angeles DUI lawyer Lou Shapiro urgently to schedule a free consultation and take the first step in taking control of your case.


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